1984 In the Age of Trump

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War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.

As I picked up my battered copy of 1984 I found myself unable to crack the spine, the sentence “ignorance is strength” flitting through my head on repeat. I think of the Ministry of Truth, changing history on a day to day basis, and think of global warming deniers, and angry people attacking the minorities they’ve been told have ruined their lives. They gave into the lie, unwilling to look the truth in the face. It’s easier to swallow- especially when it comes in the package of a minority who has the gal to not look or speak like you.

2 + 2 = 5

Texas textbooks whitewash history– quite literally. The Civil War was not fought over slavery. Brown v Board wasn’t a race issue. I see lies piling on top of lies, helpless to do anything in an age of unreason. When I confront the untruths I am summarily rebuked. Someone I know talks of how the Revolutionary War was a fought over Christianity, and the first president was Lincoln. I’m stunned into speechlessness. But what can you expect when you have a president elect who says more lies then fact? When you have republicans laughing at the very idea of numbers and reason, because it’s about feeling?

So quick to condemn Hilary, but screaming in defense when the president elect is accused of sexual assault. No wonder most women don’t report rape- Trump’s election shows nobody really cares.

I can’t walk down the street holding another girls hand. I think of a man I know screaming that by their very existence gays are taking away his freedom. His freedom to discriminate, he doesn’t add. He freedom to hate, and not assault. I’m afraid of him. I’m afraid of the lies that have scrambled his brain. I’m afraid when he tells me he is eagerly awaiting the end of the world- and I wonder if that is why he is so quick to deny global warming. Is it brainwashing, or a means to an end to hasten the apocalypse he dreams of? I can’t tell the difference, but it’s all lies either way. In his strange reality I am the liar. I am the liberal elitist who dares to ask for control of her own body, and does not believe in his Bible so therefore should be punished. Science is a fallacy (created by Satan, I’m sure).

I do not know what comes next. But The Ministry of Truth does not seem so far fetched anymore.